Borough Market – A Stunning, Landmark Painting From Artist Ed Robinson

There are paintings and then there are paintings.

If you’ve been to see us recently, you’ll know we’ve got some fabulous examples of the former.

The latter though? Those rarest of works come along once in a blue moon? They’re far fewer and further between.

If you’d like to see one, come and look in our main window, because Ed Robinson just painted one.

In any sense of the word, this thing’s huge. At 58″ x 74″ (get a tape measure) the scope of Ed’s painting is just so grand and all encompassing, it might take you a couple of views to wrap your head around the whole thing.

It’ll be worth it though. As a statement of intent, Borough Market has got future classic written all over it. Ed Robinson is going places; people are still going to be asking us about this one 10 years from now.

You’ve got a couple of options:

The Original Painting

Click To View Ed Robinson’s Borough Market

It’s the only one in existence. If you’ve got a wall that can take it, do something spectacular today and buy it. (In the immortal words of Sean Connery: “Winners go home and f*ck the prom queen”).


Limited Editions

Click To View The Limited Edition Prints

We’ve increased the size and lowered the cost of our Limited Edition Prints, making them even better than ever. With Borough Market available in four different sizes (including a stunning new 50″ size) and starting from just £550.00 there’s something for every wall… and every budget.


Borough Market is artistry at its most thrilling and propulsive; a once-in-a-blue-moon painting. Discover what all the fuss is about. Come and see it before it disappears forever.

Borough Market by artist Ed Robinson. Now available to view in our St.Katharine Docks gallery or on our Webstore. Limited Edition Prints are available from £550.00. Get in touch via e-mail or on +44 (0)207 481 1199

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