THIS WEEKEND: Karen Wallis


Saturday 27th September – 10.30am till 6.30pm
Sunday 28th September – 11.00am till 5.30pm

Join artist Karen Wallis this weekend as she paints here at our St.Katharine Docks Gallery.

Karen is with us for 2 days only, working in the gallery and talking about her latest body of work.

Click here to preview

Born in Middlesbrough, Karen Wallis graduated from Teesside University with a BA Hons in Interior Design and then went to Durham University where she gained her teaching certificate.

Karen has always admired the Pre- Raphaelite painters, especially the poetic and romantic images of Rossetti, Millais and Waterhouse. The wonderful, haunting work of the contemporary artist Israel Zohar continues to be an inspiration.

Karen has taken part in numerous sellout exhibitions throughout the UK. Her paintings have been profiled in various magazines and newspapers and her work is in collections in many countries in Europe and America.

Click here for an exclusive preview.

Karen Wallis: Artist In Residence. This Saturday, 27th September. Concludes on Sunday 28th.

For more details please contact the gallery directly. Not to be missed.

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Context is the most difficult struggle we have in the gallery. The facts are simple: our walls don’t look like your walls, and with the best will in the world, they never will.

Making that mental jump and imagining a piece out of our gallery and up on your wall relies on something that’s very almost impossible: imagining something you’ve never seen.

Except now you don’t have to.

We’ve solved the problem, and this is how we’ve done it:

Our webstore has a brand new addition. At the bottom of every painting you have a set of options:

Previously you could click them to see your painting without the frame, see the artist, the frame… all sorts of great choices.

That wasn’t enough though. We now have a brand new option on the left.

It’ll show you the painting you were just looking at, but by itself, out of the gallery on a standard 8ft high wall.

Want to know what a very contemporary, modern Peter Vaillant might look like up on your wall? It’d look like this:

Or perhaps a beautiful, traditional Julia Sterland still life? Easy:

We’re rolling this out over the next few days. We have over 150 of these done already, with more yet to come.

Vitally, you don’t have to think about how your painting will look anymore. You can see. It’s no longer an imagined, abstract concept. It’s a reality.

Because seeing really is believing.

Our stunning webstore; now with added context! Available to view on your desktop, mobile device or tablet. Click to explore or call 0207 481 1199 and I’ll describe it to you instead.

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Jolyon Madden: new artist

Calling Jolyon Madden a new artist doesn’t feel completely right. Partly because he’s been art director at The Sun for the last 15 years. Before that, The Daily Mirror and a stint at The New York Post.

Zip Me Up Before You Go Go? That was Jolyon. He’s got the Press Award to prove it.

But more so because Jo has exhibited a flair for concise, thought provoking work since studying typographic design at the London College of Printing. Lean, economical work, raw and full of power, perversely unifying in their divisiveness are all hallmarks of his work.

My point is that Jolyon Madden picking up a palette knife was no accident. Jolyon the artist has been hiding in plain sight for 25 years.

He worked with Kelvin Mackenzie. He worked with Piers Morgan, and he worked with Rebekah Brooks. While we’ve all been so busy on the outside looking in, he finds himself cursed with great fortune; an abundance of natural talent, and an utterly unique perspective on the hottest story in town.

You should always, always, always paint what you know. Here we find a brave, bold artist taking hold of the third rail of British journalism, with refreshing insight and to dazzling effect.

Great Day For Red Tops
Britain’s Got Talent
We Need To Talk About Kelvin
Artist Jo Madden

Jolyon Madden; now available to view at our St.Katharine Docks gallery, or by private arrangement. Please call 0207 481 1199 or e-mail for further details.

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Pippa Chapman

Pippa Chapman flew into London on 11.06 with three brand new pieces under her arm.

They’ve since been to our framer and are now on display in the gallery – stunning.

Pippa has since gone on to Florence, where she’ll be painting for the next 6 weeks. There’s even talk of her first ever landscape… we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

For now; the brand new work from Pippa Chapman. Enjoy.

The stunning new work from Pippa Chapman; now available to view online, in our St.Katharine Docks gallery, or by private arrangement in your home. Call 0207 481 11 99 or e-mail for further details.

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Allan Stephens

I’ll write something insightful here later.

For now: Wow.

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10 most viewed

The below are currently our 10 most viewed paintings online. They get more clicks, more individual views, than anything else we have. We get over 2,000 unique views on our webstore every week, so if they’re on your radar, they’re on someone else’s too.

What can you do? Talk to us. We’re here to help you get the painting you love up on your wall. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and we’re nothing if not pragmatic. Get in touch; we will always look after you.

Our 10 most viewed; now available to view online, in our St.Katharine Docks gallery, or by private arrangement in your home. Call 0207 481 11 99 or e-mail for further details.

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Jon Gubbay

Sometime in the early 1950s (the dates are a little sketchy, but it’s believed to be somewhere between 1950-1952) Groucho Marx telegrammed his famous letter of resignation to the Hollywood chapter of The Friar’s Club. Having joined at the behest of his good friend, the actor George Jessel, Marx soon discovered that club life was not for him. It was, in fact, something you would instantly flee from if you weren’t trapped in a clubhouse”. His telegram was clear and concise; simply, he did not want to belong to any club that would have him as a member.


On the 1st of June 1967 The Beatles released Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Their 8th studio album, they’d been holed away in Abbey Road Studio Two since the previous November. They hadn’t just done things that hadn’t been done before; they’d changed the way the world made music. That Sunday, Paul McCartney and George Harrison went to see Jimi Hendrix at The Saville Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue. Having only heard the album for the first time 3 days previously, and with half the Beatles in the audience, Hendrix strode out on stage; he opened with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.


Some people just get it. They see the world not as it is, but how it should be. They leave you wishing you had that same spark they seem to pluck out of thin air, but never once not grateful you were there to witness it.

Jon Gubbay is one of those people.

Working in acrylic on canvas, Jon Gubbay’s breathtaking abstract city scenes have made him one of our most highly sought after artists.

Having enjoyed eight hugely successful one man shows in London, Jon continues to thrill and captivate with his strong but subtle use of colour, establishing himself as one of the most unique voices in contemporary fine art.

The stunning new collection from Jon Gubbay; now available to view online, in our St.Katharine Docks gallery, or by private arrangement in your home. Please call 0207 481 11 99 for further details.

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Back In Black


Black (comparative blackersuperlative blackest)

  1. The colour/color perceived in the absence of light.
  2. (of an object) Absorbing all light and reflecting none; dark and hueless.
  3. Expressing menace, or discontent; threatening; sullen.
  4. Coolest colour of them all. See also: Batman; Panthers; Johnny Cash.

We like a bit of dark. We like moody, we like impenetrable; we like challenging and we like having to use our brains and engage. We especially like Amanda Jackson and brand new artist Darren Stevenson, and we like the stunning new paintings they’ve brought us.

“Born in Lincolnshire in the 1970’s, Amanda Jackson believes in making her work accessible but involving; painting scenes about life rather than simply depicting it. Nostalgia, street scenes, childhood memories… If you feel a sense of kinship or connection then she considers her job done”.

“Working in oils, Darren Stevenson blends his traditional style with modern techniques, priming his canvases with rabbit skin glue giving them layers and texture. Once dry, he uses oils to achieve the desired effect and sandpaper where necessary, mixing contemporary colours and creating enigmatic seascapes.

Travelling the English coast searching for perfect, often fleeting moods to capture, he paints the landscape as he finds it. He can often be found come wind, rain or shine waiting patiently for that perfect moment”.

New work from Amanda Jackson and Darren Stevenson, now available to view online, in our St.Katharine Docks gallery, or by private arrangement in your home. 0207 481 11 99 like your lives depend on it, you sexy art bastards.

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Latest Work

We celebrated our most successful ever year last year. More people got more pleasure from putting more paintings up on their walls than in any other year that we’ve been here.

We also had some of the finest paintings we’ve never seen in our lives; not just in our gallery, but in any gallery.

These two pieces of information are absolutely connected.

Great galleries with brilliant work do well. That’s nothing new. With success, however, comes deepened collaboration and understanding with our artists. We’ve been busy fostering an environment where our artists can build on that success, and challenge themselves to go further; not just to to fix their sights on the next horizon, but to succeed.

The work we do here goes beyond putting pictures up on walls. We can’t wait to show you what 2014 has in store.


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We work with some exceptional artists; our whole reason for being apart from daytime drinking is to show their work off to as many people as is humanly possible. Our oil on canvas lot have had their own fancy-dan webstore for, like, forever now. It’s high time our glass blowers and bronze sculptors had one too. (Fun fact: one of our web developers is actually called Dan, which makes fancy-dan basically the most hilarious in-joke you’ve read all day).

I digress. Long story short? Our new Glass & Sculpture Webstore is now live. Enjoy.


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