On The Easel – Ed Robinson, Borough Market (Part 1)

How’s this for an eyes on? Artist Ed Robinson started work on a new, large format Borough Market painting this week and we’re showing it to you before the first underpainting has even dried.

Hit the link for an exclusive preview…


London and the heartbeat of it’s bustling markets are a great fit for artist Ed Robinson’s style. Having started his career in Soho as a graphic designer, places like Berwick Street market and Covent Garden were formative in the development of his style.

Ed’s use of newspaper brings a fabulous textural element to proceedings, underpinning his work with that sense of barely-contained-madness you only really get on a busy London street or marketplace, particularly in 2017. Thrilling, edge of your seat stuff.



Says Ed:

“I am an admirer of Walter Sickert who focused on the contemporary urban world of London. His deft dabs of paint, exuberant brushwork and particular attention to the quality of light in a scene are phenomenal”.

“What I find inspiring about Borough Market is the delicacy of the ironwork, colour and graphic shapes they create within the facade of the main market building. The energy of the place is like nowhere else in London”.


So there you have it; a very, very first eyes on. (And, funnily enough, exactly what I do for a living – spot the best work, get the best work).

I could look at this all day long.  There’s a lot still to be done, but man alive is it shaping up to be something a bit special. Consider our hand tipped – it’s on it’s way.

On The Easel – Ed Robinson, Borough Market. Click to see Ed’s current available work or visit our gallery in St.Katharine Docks for an eyes on.

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