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We sent our big e-mail out last month and you guys responded in droves – the clicks on our webstore have been going absolutely wild. Hit the link to see the ten most desired, most coveted paintings of them all…

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Borough Market – A Stunning, Landmark Painting From Artist Ed Robinson

There are paintings and then there are paintings.

If you’ve been to see us recently, you’ll know we’ve got some fabulous examples of the former.

The latter though? Those rarest of works come along once in a blue moon? They’re far fewer and further between.

If you’d like to see one, come and look in our main window, because Ed Robinson just painted one.

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Our Digital Try Before You Buy

Want to know what a particular painting might look like on your wall at home? Send us a photograph of your wall – we’ll photoshop your painting in there for you.

It’s a brilliant tool, because it takes things from a conceptual “Do we think it’ll look good?”, to a reality; “Does it look good?”

Intrigued? Watch the video above or read on for further details…

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Commissions: When Only Going Bespoke Will Cut It

Ever wondered if our artists do requests? Yes, and it’s easier than you think.

Left to right: the sketch, underpainting and finished painting, commissioned by two of our collectors to celebrate their wedding.

“We’re REALLY into this artist. If ONLY they’d paint…”

It’s a common refrain, and one we’ve heard countless times.

There are just moments when you want something incredibly specific and you want it now.

The good news?

All you have to do is ask. A bespoke commission, tailor made to your every specification is only ever a conversation away.

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New Work – Amanda Jackson

If you’ve spent any time in the gallery, you’ll have heard yours truly joke that karma sent him back as an art dealer.

100% this is false modesty.

This is the best job in the world. Come the apocalypse, if the Gods have clapped their hands and outlawed art galleries, there’s a strong chance you’d find me curating something somewhere.

Amanda Jackson’s The Little Star
Artist Amanda Jackson, who came to visit us last week

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Svaja Glass – See It Made

The wizards behind Svaja’s iconic art glass have long remained a mystery – their glass has done the talking while they’ve been happy to practice their art in relative peace and solitude.

You’ve gotta wonder how it works though, right?? Thus…

We put a few snippets together and made a sneak peak for you to enjoy. Quite how we got George Clooney to narrate it, I’ll never know. Enjoy.

Svaja Glass & Sculpture. Order online through our Glass & Sculpture Webstore. 2017 collection now available. Prices include shipping and VAT.

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New Work! 31st March 2017 Edition

Brand new paintings from Andrew Grant Kurtis and Harry Brioche have just gone into our main window.

Been past and spotted them? Have a better look in New Work or follow the links below for Andrew and Harry’s pages on our webstore.


Artist Andrew Grant Kurtis

Artist Harry Brioche

New Work! 31st March 2017 Edition. Stick your head around the door or get in touch via e-mail or on 0207 481 1199.

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On The Easel – Ed Robinson Borough Market (Part 2)

Artist Ed Robinson continuing work on his new Borough Market. Shaping up very, very nicely indeed… You need to start getting excited.

Click to read Part 1 or follow the link for detail shots of the work so far…

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A Wandering Minstrel Came

One of our long lost troubadour friends swung by yesterday to take the gallery Les Paul out for a stroll.

Check out more Darling BOY on his YouTube Channel and hit the link below to see more of him rocking out, gallery style.

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On The Easel – Ed Robinson, Borough Market (Part 1)

How’s this for an eyes on? Artist Ed Robinson started work on a new, large format Borough Market painting this week and we’re showing it to you before the first underpainting has even dried.

Hit the link for an exclusive preview…

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