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Want to know what a particular painting might look like on your wall at home? Send us a photograph of your wall – we’ll photoshop your painting in there for you.

It’s a brilliant tool, because it takes things from a conceptual “Do we think it’ll look good?”, to a reality; “Does it look good?”

Intrigued? Watch the video above or read on for further details…

So here’s the thing. We don’t think you should have to imagine how a painting might look up on your wall; not least when we can show you.

All you have to do is take a photograph. Pull your cameraphone out, stand back far enough so we can see enough of your room, then e-mail the picture over to us. Simples. As long as you can give us a rough idea of how tall your wall is (8ft? 10ft?) we can do the rest.

Case study!

These guys live in Singapore – that’s kinda far to send something for them to decide it didn’t look quite how they imagined it would, so they sent us a photograph of their wall.

So we know the above wall is approx. 280cm high by 220cm wide. In terms of the image we received, that means (roughly) 1084px high by 856px wide, or 1cm = 3.87px on the y axis and 1cm = 3.89px on the x.

(In theory they’d be the same, but a 0.02px variance is pretty much within tolerances and can be accounted for by photographic distortion).

Quick smart, we can build a scale model of said wall, 1084px high by 856px wide…

…and drop a scaled version of the painting our customer is interested in into it. (Painting being 120cm x 120cm or 464px  x 466px  in our mockup if 1cm = 3.87px on the y and 1cm = 3.89px on the x).

We then skin the whole thing back onto their wall, making sure everything lines up and reference points like plug sockets and light switches haven’t gone walkies.

Finishing touches; adding in any shadows, making sure we match the direction of the light, and any highlights where the light would be brightest, matching the lighting that was being cast on the wall already, etc.

Et voila. A pretty banging representation of what said painting would look like in situ, and our customers didn’t even have to leave their home (8,000 miles away) to see it.

We could do these things all day long – and do. None of the below folk had to wonder what something might look like. They found out first.

Mattin Laurent PartarrieuAu Bar Du Train Bleu
Jon GubbayFirst Dawn
Harry BriocheOn A Summer’s Breeze
Ed RobinsonBarges, St.Katharine Docks
Peter VaillantIntermission
Pippa ChapmanSharp Contrast
Peter VaillantCity Lights
Allan StephensWellington
Allan StephensEmbankment

All photoshopped in place, all done from a photograph, via e-mail. Get involved!

Our Digital Try Before You Buy. Want to know what something would look like in situ? E-mail us a picture of your wall and find out.

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